What is a WINZ Certificate from my Doctor?

If you are apply for or receive financial assistance from Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ), you may be required to provide a medical certificate to WINZ. These are documents containing health and/or disability related information about a person, and are legal documents. Your Doctor at South Seas can provide the necessary paperwork for you to comply with WINZ. This may be for:

  •         Work Capacity Medical Certificate
  •         Disability Certificate (for disability allowance)
  •         Disability Certificate - Counselling
  •         Disability Allowance - Medical Alarm Assessment
  •         Supported Living Payment medical certificate for a person being cared for
  •         Child Disability Allowance - Medical Certificate
  •         You may also be asked to provide a Host Doctor Report or medical information to support an application for PATHS.

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Can my Doctor give me a WINZ Certificate?

Yes, your Doctor at South Seas can provide the necessary paperwork for you to comply with WINZ. 

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