Medical certificate required for Samoa

02 March 2020

Contact the SouthSeas clinic about getting a medical certificate at least 3 days before travel to Samoa.

With the first case of COVID-19 coronavirus having reached our shores, make sure you keep up to date with the Ministry of Health advisory for more details. To our families who intend to travel to Samoa; you need to have a medical certificate, so please contact the clinic within 3 days of travel to arrange an appointment with us to get one.

“It is important we keep this in perspective, especially amongst our community who will no doubt be very concerned as well as the rest of Aotearoa,” says SouthSeas Healthcare Clinical Director, Tagaloa Dr Andrew Chan Mow.

The advisory from the Ministry of Health provides the current facts about what people need to know which include:

“New Zealand does not have COVID-19 circulating in our communities.

We knew the likelihood of an imported case in New Zealand was high, however, the likelihood of a widespread outbreak is low-moderate.

It is critically important that we all work together to protect New Zealanders from COVID-19 and play our part in the global effort to contain it.

We all need to follow our public health messaging, such as hand hygiene and cough etiquette, and we’re closely managing any cases and contacts.”

Over the weekend, the Samoa government issued a travel advisory having reduced the frequency of international flights from New Zealand to Samoa.

Samoa's health officials have also imposed a requirement for all passengers entering Samoa to carry a medical certificate dated within three days of travel in response to the global coronavirus outbreak.

Effective from 2 March 2020, ALL Travelers entering Samoa FROM or TRANSITING through all ports (New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Am. Samoa, Hawaii and Tonga) are REQUIRED to undergo a medical examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner within three (3) days of ARRIVAL. This medical clearance report is required for check-in prior to issuing of boarding passes.

“We urge our patients requiring medical clearance to contact the clinic within 3 days of travel,” says Dr Chan Mow.

This medical clearance is required before a person is allowed to board a flight to Samoa. For further information check out the Samoa Ministry of Health travel advice.

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