Rewards of a crazy busy life

11 May 2018

Solo Aiono's crazy busy life juggling between motherhood, studies and work

Operations manager at SouthSeas Healthcare, Solo Aiono’s outlook on working life is ‘It’s not about you; it’s about the team’.

“I have been with SouthSeas for a long time, initially as an administrator and have been promoted in my role over time to become the operations manager”.

Since Solo took on a managerial role, she has never stopped learning.

“What I like about my role is that even though it’s back office support, learning about the difference the services we offer make out there in the community gives me a sense of satisfaction.”

“There’s a whole lot of unresolved issues within our communities, especially in areas of deprivation, and I realise we cannot save the world.  Here at SouthSeas we strive to make a difference in our communities we serve, one family at a time and to do the best that we can even with limited resources we have.”

 “In saying that, we also have successes to celebrate. I’ve seen the hard work our staff commit to achieve and deliver our services day in and day out, above and beyond their call of duty.”

Solo’s role focuses on logistics and operational detail.

“It’s important to focus on the detail but at the same time, to not neglect the bigger picture. I’m still learning and growing into my role.”

With family life and three children to attend to, Solo juggles working life with motherhood.

“It’s hard to balance working life and family. I’m thankful to my supportive husband, who helps out with the kids so I’m able to concentrate on work and getting on with my studies.”

Solo’s full time employment and immersing herself into her second year of MBA studies is challenging.

“I feel guilty about working full time and returning to work while the children are still young, but it’s what I have to do to support my family and keep up with the demands of having a career.”

“We have to earn a living, and that’s the harsh reality for many of us.  At the same time you do your best to provide for your kids and give them what you didn’t necessarily have yourself growing up.”

“I’m also very mindful while in the process of working and studying, to not lose the essence of time spent with my children, which is very important to them and to me as their mother. I try and make sure I have that one-on-one quality time with my kids where we share special moments talking, sharing, laughing and just chilling.”

Solo says balancing her working life and motherhood is challenging but also self-rewarding.

 “I’m very hands on when it comes to my role as a mother, you can’t help wanting to know all the fine details about how they are coping at school and if they have the right support around them by checking in with them on a regular basis.”

 “I enjoy my work but I love and care much more for my family. I try and schedule my days around my family and doing activities as a family, otherwise it’s trying to catch up with assignments and readings and it becomes a juggling act.”

“This Mother’s Day I haven’t planned anything exciting as my eldest daughter flies out that day to Europe for her 21st birthday, so the day will be focused on ensuring her safety and making sure she has everything packed and ready to explore Rome.  Where did the time go? I’ve been a mum for 21 years.”

“Wishing all mothers a well-deserved day to be acknowledged.  It’s a crazy busy life choosing to have a career, but I find joy and self fulfilment as a mother in everything I do.” says Solo.

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