SouthSeas recognised at Primary Health Organisation Awards

22 November 2018

Smiling faces of SouthSeas staff at PHO Awards ceremony

SouthSeas Healthcare has been recognised for its cardiovascular disease risk assessment (CVDRA) programme at the Primary Health Organisation Awards held at the Holiday Inn hotel in Auckland recently.

The programme received the top award for raising awareness of cardiovascular wellbeing and encouraging and supporting people to make healthy lifestyle choices.

SouthSeas Healthcare staff member Alesana Misa who is leading the CVDRA programme says the awards not only raise awareness of the programme, they also help inspire Pacific families to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle.

“The Ministry of Health advice to all the PHOs, GPs and health practices is to ensure everyone is screened through CVDRA for heart diseases and strokes over the next 5 years, especially Māori and Pacific Islanders.”

Alesana says many people die young from heart attacks or strokes as a result of food intake.

“The food consumption by Māori and Pacific families tends to be quite heavy, fatty but tasty. The taste encourages people to eat more and as a result it makes them sick as fat will move in and block the blood vessels.”

“If there are any abnormalities our GP will discuss blood results and provide advice to ensure healthy lifestyle modification to help reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack.”

“We offer advice on health and wellbeing, with support to quit smoking or arranging a referral to our GP for treatment if necessary,” says Alesana.

“We have brochures available in our clinic from the Heart Foundation, information on healthy eating, and a control plan for heart health. All these go hand-in-hand with exercising regularly and healthy eating.”

The screening target is males between 30 to 75 years and females between the ages of 40 to 75. The CVD bloods will check sugar level, cholesterol, liver function test, renal function test and the presence of hepatitis A and B.

Education is also provided by a CVD Nurse on cardiovascular risk factors associated with smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, high fat and family history. 

“We are here to help. We have GPs that will help with therapy or medication if we know there is a problem,” says Alesana.

The award is the culmination of a great collaborative team effort, particularly the dedication of the team led by Alesana to promote intervention within the South Auckland communities.

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