Support letters for subsidised housing

10 July 2018

Dr Andrew Chan Mow

SouthSeas Healthcare GP Dr Andrew Chan Mow featured on the Tagata Pasifika TV programme recently, voicing his concerns about the high number of patients asking for support letters to get into subsidised housing.

Dr Andrew Chan Mow has written over 100 support letters each year to help people get into homes.

Requests for housing letters from GPs has risen dramatically over the years.

Dr Chan Mow says requests from patients to provide assistance with housing has risen from between 5-8 requests 5 years ago, to now over 150 requests a year.

The impact of poor housing in the health of families is the biggest challenge.

Dr Chan Mow says poor housing standards, lack of heating, insulation and overcrowding all contributes to sickness. They can have devastating impact on a family’s health.

Social housing is accommodation that caters for people with low incomes and/or special housing needs.

Housing New Zealand provides the majority of social housing properties, with the remainder provided by government funded community housing providers.

You can view Dr Chan Mow’s interview on Tagata Pasifika here

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